Requirements of machining and quality control

2023/05/27 11:33

Requirements for machining

1、The material of machined parts should be in accordance with the drawings, and the selected materials should be in accordance with the national standards.

2、The unannotated dimensional tolerances of machined parts drawings refer to the unannotated tolerances of linear dimensions of national standards GB/T1804-f requirements for inspection.

3、The unannotated angle tolerance of the machined parts drawings refer to the unannotated tolerance of the national standard angle GB/T11335-m requirements for inspection.

4、Machined parts drawings are not noted shape tolerance reference to the national standard shape of the unannotated tolerance GB/T1184-H requirements for inspection.

5, the size of the drawings marked with the form of processing, the use of gap fit, the specific requirements are: external with the maximum size with the object + 0.01 ~ + 0.10mm: internal with the minimum size with the object - 0.10 ~ - 0.01.

Quality control of machining

1, parts processing in accordance with the drawings, the drawings are marked unclear, blurred, errors and questions about the drawings with the higher leadership contact.

2 、Parts processing according to the process flow to do.

3, parts processing process encountered processing errors or dimensions outside the tolerance range to contact the higher leadership, the company's technology staff will confirm that the parts can be used or can not be used.

4, the need for scribing processing parts, after processing does not allow traces of scribing.

5, all machined parts to be deburred, chamfered after drilling, angles to be chamfered blunt (except for special requirements).

6, encounter parts processing errors should not be good to do to modify the parts, should contact with the higher-ups to get technical support.