On August 15, 2023, the Zhangqiu District Fusion Media and the small press group group visited our factory, and the whole process of digitalization as well as automated production was fully explained by our company, such as Mr. Song.The factory is built on a large scale with cutting-edge equipment
2023/08/16 08:45
In October 2022, the long-awaited Lean Production kick-off meeting was held in the third floor conference room of the company, which marked the official launch of Lean Production promotion activities company-wide.General Manager Liu Bin, Assistant General Manager Song Jun, Vice President of
2023/05/27 11:56
At 3:00 pm on May 25, 2023, Zhangqiu District Party Committee Deputy Secretary and District Governor Bian Xiangwei led the person in charge of relevant departments and the special team of economic operation to visit Jinan Ruituo Technology Co.Ltd. General Manager Liu Bin made a detailed report on
2023/05/27 11:52
Jinan Ruituo Technology Co., Ltd. is a and self-help IT, electric power, military and other industries of the chassis cabinet products, research and development, design, production, manufacturing and sales as one of the professional high-tech companies.The company has a perfect management system
2023/05/27 11:46