Control of the appearance of machined parts

2023/05/27 11:42

1, machining due to poor control and improper operation caused by mechanical bruising, surface scratches are not allowed to exist A-level surface, allowing the existence of B, C-level surface.

2, deformation, cracks are not allowed to exist A, B, C level surface.

3, the need for surface treatment of the parts surface does not allow the presence of oxide layer, rust, uneven defects.

Surface level definition:

A-level surface: the very important decorative surface of the product, i.e. the surface that can always be seen when the product is used.

Grade B surface: the inner surface of the product or the surface that can be seen occasionally by the customer when the product is not turned.

Class C surfaces: Surfaces that are visible only when the product is turned, or internal parts of the product.