Mobile Trolley Type Tool Cabinet

Mobile trolley type tool cabinet adopts integrated design in the design process using different module accessories such as: hole board hook, side tray, file organizer, top light on the top end of the mobile parts box,

File storage box, mobile parts box top open lid top light, with each other to achieve for parts and tools storage and classification needs.

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The design uses a folding structure with universal wheels, which can meet the needs of space mobility and the requirements of fast access to tools, very beautiful and practical.

     Mobile trolley type tool cabinet   Mobile trolley type tool cabinet          Mobile trolley type tool cabinet

Mobile trolley type tool cabinet

Ji'nan retop Technology Co., Ltd. was established in August 2005, is a set of self-help IT, electric power, military and other industries, chassis and cabinet products, R & D design, manufacturing and sales services as one of the professional high-tech companies, business involves the Internet industry, finance, taxation, electricity and other industries, the main products include Electronic, new energy, electric power industry supporting the chassis and cabinet, banking and taxation self-service terminal equipment, military hardened computer and non-standard product development, design and other services.

Factory View

Factory View

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