Workshop Tool Trolley

Turnover car is in particular used inside the workshop clean to turnover of the location of components and turnover equipment, with the call for of the market, the turnover of transport speed wishes to be greater. as a processing producer when processing products to modify the location of merchandise and area moving products into processing circulate crucial paintings, inside the spirit of human beings-orientated within the pursuit of efficiency at the same time may be spaced at the material support, fixed and strong end up a brand new custom desires.

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Turnover vehicle is particularly used in the workshop clean to turnover of the location of components and turnover gear, with the demand of the marketplace, the turnover of delivery speed desires to be greater. as a processing manufacturer while processing merchandise to alter the location of products and vicinity moving merchandise into processing movement necessary paintings, in the spirit of humans-orientated in the pursuit of performance on the identical time may be spaced on the cloth support, fixed and strong grow to be a new custom wishes.

Material Handling Trolley

This product is product of 235 carbon metal, with plastic spraying treatment on the surface, that's handy for transportation and folding, and realizes the needs of clients for stable placement and turnover of materials on the idea of now not taking on space, and the modular design is handy for customers to fold speedy on the give up of turnover and transportation, without taking over space in the production workshop.

Factory View

Foldable logistics vehicle parameter introduction Internal dimensions (mm): 1235(W)X632(D)X1635(H) Internal dimensions (mm): 1280(W)X560(D)X1580(H) Trolley weight (kg): 500kg Wheel Diameter (mm): 75/3” Trolley introduction: The frame adopts 1" round tube + 6mm steel rod + 3mm connecting plate welding and welding assembly frame + detachable laminate assembly. The laminate is composed of 20x20 square tube + 1mm+5mm hook steel plate welding. The whole vehicle has a total of 5 layers of laminates, and the height can be adjusted Adjustment, the minimum height between layers is 260mm, and a single layer can weigh 50kg. The whole vehicle adopts two 3" universal wheels + directional wheels, which are convenient for moving and odd jobs.

folded state

Workshop Tool Trolley

open state

Workshop Tool Trolley

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