Rack Mount Rails

Rack mount rails are metal rail systems used to mount and support servers or network equipment. 

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Here are some details on the rack mount rails:

1. The rack-mounted guide rail system includes two parts: the inner guide rail and the outer guide rail. The inner guide rail is connected to the server or other equipment, and the outer guide rail is connected to the rack.

2. The inner guide rail is usually made of steel plate with adjustable or lockable slides. These devices make installation and maintenance of equipment easier.

3. The outer guide rail is usually fixed on the vertical column of the rack, reflecting strong support and stability.

4.  Rack-mounted guide rails usually have an adjustable length design to meet the requirements of different models and equipment.

5. Installing rack-mounted guide rails can make the device more compact, save space and improve efficiency.

6.  There may be some differences in the rack-mounted rails of different manufacturers, so when choosing a rail, you need to pay attention to its compatibility with the rack and equipment. In short, rack-mounted guide rails are an important part of the installation of computer servers and network equipment. They can provide stable support and adjust ability, and provide convenience for the management and maintenance of the computer room.

      Rack Mount Rails   Rack Mount Rails

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