PCIE Bracket

PCIE bracket, also called a PCIE slot, is an interface for connecting a PCI Express device to a motherboard. 

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Product Details

Here are some details of the PCIE bracket:

1. The PCIE bracket is usually designed with a socket with a small hook to fix the PCIE device.

2. There are several different specifications of PCIE brackets (PCIE x1, x4, x8, x16, etc.), and each specification provides different bandwidth.

3. The PCIE bracket can support different types of motherboards at the same time. Generally, a PCIE x16 slot can support a PCIE x1, x4, x8 or x16 device.

4. The PCIE bracket allows different devices such as graphics cards, sound cards, SCSI controllers, and network cards to be connected to the motherboard, providing higher performance, faster data transfer rates, and better multitasking capabilities

5. The PCIE bracket design is compact and easy to install, suitable for most types of desktop and server computers.

In conclusion, the PCIE bracket is a very important part of computer hardware, which provides high-speed data transmission and optimal performance for many different types of devices.

PCIE bracket PCIE bracket

PCIE Bracket

PCIE Bracket

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