Delivered Parcel Locker

Advantages of Delivered Parcel Locker logistics:

①Client: time difference and sex issues

②Solve the time difference: For express recipients, the most common problem is that the courier calls to deliver the package, but he is not at home. The appearance of the express cabinet can solve this problem. The courier can directly leave the package in the express cabinet, and then pick it up when the recipient returns home. Solving problem: the express cabinet avoids the recipient’s privacy leakage and personal problems. occur.

③ Courier (enterprise) end: Improve efficiency and reduce costs....

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Product Delivered Parcel Locker terminals

Logistics self-service terminals are electronic devices designed to streamline the delivery and pickup process of packages. These terminals offer a wide range of features which make it easier for customers to send and receive packages. Here are some of the features of logistics self-service terminals:

1 Package Deposits: Customers can deposit their packages into self-service terminals by scanning the package barcode and following the on-screen instructions.

2 Package Pickup: Customers can pickup their packages by entering the pickup code provided along with the package.

3 Payment Processing: Logistics self-service terminals accept various payment methods such as credit/debit cards, cash, or mobile payments.

4 Real-Time Tracking: Customers can track their packages through the self-service terminals and receive notifications when their package is ready for pickup.

5 Printing: Customized labels, shipping receipts, and other documents can be printed through the self-service terminals.

6 Smart Locker Integration: Logistics self-service terminals can be integrated with smart lockers, providing a secure and convenient way to store packages.

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Delivered Parcel Locker

Delivered Parcel Locker

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