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Advantages of virtual machines sbi kiosk banking :

1. Quickly realize distributed deployment, and increase or decrease at any time.

2. Self-service upgrade configuration, adding IP, bandwidth and other functions, the upgrade process does not need to stop.

3. Self-service soft/hard restart, one-key configuration of FTP, IIS, etc.

4. View the running status of resources, traffic, processes, and services in real time.

5. Completely own the Administrator or Root authority of the host computer, can configure the system individually, freely install application software and programs, and deploy various Internet applications.

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Product Details

Product Details of Virtual Teller Machine:

The virtual teller machine, also known as a virtual assistant machine, is an innovative solution for financial institutions to offer virtual assistance and support to customers. It is designed to provide a seamless banking experience without the need for a physical teller.


High-quality audio and video communication capabilities

Large interactive touch screen display

Customizable branding and interface options

Advanced facial recognition technology for added security

Supports multiple languages

Integrates with various software systems and APIs

Real-time data analytics and reporting

Remote management and software updates

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