Bank self-service inquiry machine

Advantages of Kiosk Maybank terminals:

1 Save labor costs

Self-service terminals provide customers with 24-hour self-service, which makes up for the problem of excessive traffic in traditional business halls and the lack of original business hours, avoids troubles for customers, and makes customers feel relaxed and convenient when handling business , considerate service. In addition, the use of self-service terminals saves personnel expenses, reduces operating costs, and is accurate.

2. More convenient service

The self-service terminal in the business hall is an innovation and supplement to the service in the business hall. With the emergence of self-service terminals, it is possible to conduct account inquiries, self-service transfers, self-service loss reporting and many other business operations;

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Advantages of Kiosk Maybank Terminals

1 Convenience: Bank self-service terminals are available 24/7, making banking more convenient for customers.

2 Speed: ATMs offer fast and reliable services compared to traditional banking methods.

3 Reduced operational costs: Bank self-service terminals help to reduce operational costs for banks as they require less staff.

4 Increased security: Bank self-service terminals are equipped with security features like PIN numbers, cameras, and alarms to ensure the safety of customers' funds.

Bank self-service inquiry machine

The company has a complete management system and advanced production equipment, and has passed the first batch of ISO9001:2008 quality system certification approved by the National Accreditation Committee of China's quality system certification body and approved by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision.

Kiosk Maybank

Kiosk Maybank

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