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Advantages of bank epf kiosk:

Safe and caring, providing reliable and humanized services. The bank's smart counter adopts non-perceptual face recognition, and the professional and efficient automatic recognition function makes business handling safer and more reliable. At the same time, the smart counter breaks the traditional barrier of “communication through the window” between bank tellers and customers, and provides customers with more accurate and considerate services through the method of “customer autonomy + bank staff guidance”, even elderly customers who are not used to using equipment. Worrying, bank staff can maintain zero-distance communication with customers, provide one-on-one guidance, and solve problems for customers at any time.

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Product Details

Product Details ofHong leong bank epf kiosk:

Retail stores for product browsing, ordering, and purchasing

Restaurants and food outlets for menu browsing, ordering, and payment processing

Transportation hubs for ticket purchasing and information retrieval

Hospitals and clinics for patient check-in, appointment scheduling, and payment processing

Government offices for service inquiries and applications

The self-service kiosk provides a versatile and convenient solution for businesses to improve customer experience and operational efficiency. It allows customers to access services and information quickly and easily, reducing wait times and improving satisfaction. The kiosk also provides data analytics and reporting, allowing businesses to monitor usage and make informed decisions based on customer behavior.

Bank Epf KioskThe company has advanced precision CNC sheet metal processing complete sets of equipment, CNC cutting machines imported from Japan, CNC turret punch presses, CNC bending machines, riveting machines imported from the United States butt welding machines, welding robots, electrostatic spraying production lines, gluing machines, etc. Class sheet metal processing equipment.

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